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Pres Release: Lethbridge is Now Home to Southern Alberta’s Largest Marketing Agency

Updated: Feb 29

With a growing team and a fresh rebrand, London Road Marketing is now the largest marketing firm south of Calgary with hopes of becoming the external marketing department of Canadian businesses.

  • To mark their fifth birthday, the marketing agency built themselves a new visual brand to reflect who they’ve become.

  • A new name also better aligns with their offerings; what began as a content marketing company has grown into a full service marketing firm that advises, oversees, and executes marketing tactics for clients.

  • They want to thank the Lethbridge business community for trusting them with their marketing for five years and therefore helping the company grow.

The firm began operations five years ago under the name London Road Media by offering content marketing services to the poker industry. They became known for their skills in social media marketing, and so the company name made sense.

CEO Lane Anderson explained the changes in a Facebook post. “As we've grown to become southern Alberta's largest marketing firm, we've evolved to give our clients the experience they've always wished they could find in a marketing firm.

Compared to our early days as a content marketing company, the changes are big enough that they warrant a name change and a new brand image.”

They saw an opportunity that other marketing agencies weren’t fulfilling; small and medium businesses indicated that they want a partner in marketing, not just services for hire.

So London Road Marketing developed their business model to fill the role of Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for businesses where they advise, oversee, and execute marketing activities. As Lane explains below, the team at London Road Marketing acts as an extension of their clients’ teams, or an external marketing department.

“Today's LRM is a trusted partner that becomes an extension of small and medium businesses across the country. We don't just provide world-class execution of marketing tactics, we also play the role of Marketing Manager that oversees all your marketing to keep it cohesive and collaborative, and we provide executive-level advising to completely lift the responsibility of marketing off of business owners.”

London Road Marketing wants to thank their clients in Lethbridge and beyond for trusting them with their marketing. It’s been five awesome years of growth and they intend to keep the momentum going.

London Road Marketing is a full service marketing firm that partners with small and medium businesses to advise, oversee, and execute marketing activities.


Press Contact: Lane Anderson

Phone: (587) 800 3917


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