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In the Media

Our CEO, Lane Anderson, has spoken at many events while representing London Road Marketing. His ability to grasp, apply, and explain marketing concepts is valued to audiences of marketers and business owners.

July 2018


October 2018

Moved to 321A 5th St

June 2019

Named runner-up for Hashtag Awards Best Social Media Agency

March 2020

London Road Media acquired by The Epiphany Group

October 2020

Nominated for Celebrate Downtown award

April 2021

Hired 10th employee

May 2021

Changed name to London Road Marketing

Onward & Upward

Meet the Team


Lane is the founder and mastermind behind London Road Marketing, guiding an ambitious vision for the company. He can probably afford a new car by now, but he still loves his 1969 Volkswagen Squareback that got him through university.

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Kari makes sure the operations run smoothly and provides all the structure and supports so the team can do awesome things. She runs everything by her Golden Retriever, Geoff, first though (he always approves, he’s a good boy).

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Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann works directly with our clients, develops their marketing strategies, and coordinates the required tasks so we can fulfill the strategy. She’s definitely a people-person; she once raised $1,600 for charity in Tofino by setting up a lemonade stand on a sandbar during low tide.

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Marketing Manager



Deanna enjoys dreaming and developing marketing strategies for small businesses and non-profits. Her strategies are developed from evidence, experience, and the perfect dose of intuition. Dee appreciates working with clients who trust our team of specialists to bring life into their marketing, so they can stop doing it from the side-of-their-desk.

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Marketing Manager

Medicine Hat


Danielle is passionate about learning, especially when it comes to the dynamic and ever-changing world of marketing. She loves putting the client's mind at ease by ensuring every detail is taken care of. Danielle's favourite part of her role is having the ability to form connections with clients and feeling like a true extension of their team.

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Junior Marketing Manager

Medicine Hat


Alexanne is the wordsmith of the team and can change writing styles like a chameleon changes colours; she also handles social media and market research projects. She secretly wishes her nickname was Fun Pants but no one seems to have caught on to her habit of wearing fun pants yet.

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Marketing Specialist

Copywriter & Market Researcher


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Marketing Specialist

Graphic Designer


Dan is a web designer and developer with a passion for technology. In fact, his friends might even call him an uber nerd when it comes to tech and random knowledge. We understand him here at the office though, we speak nerd.

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Marketing Specialist

Web Designer/Developer


Ben is a talented graphic designer and his skills are quite diverse. Despite a long-standing feud with his high school English teacher over a silly volleyball game, Ben scored highest in his region on his English Diploma Exam.

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Marketing Specialist

Graphic Designer

Born Among Heritage

When Lane Anderson started this company from the laundry room of his home in 2016, he already had the vision.


He was managing an affiliate marketing website called PokerNews Canada as well as the North American social media accounts for PokerStars from one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lethbridge: London Road.


Many of the surrounding houses date back as far as 1908, yet here he was delivering results with new marketing methods for an internationally recognized company from one tiny, old room, wedged between the dryer and the door. 


Of course the marketing industry had been around for a long time, too; many methods that were used when the neighbourhood was built are still beneficial today, like the lessons from great copywriters or the message a simple image can communicate. But there’s also a flood of new marketing methods that have altered the industry. 


From this heritage neighbourhood, the company offered world-class services to the poker industry, taking inspiration from the skateboarding brands that popularized content marketing in Lane’s youth.


It is the blend of traditional and modern marketing methods that form the structure of our marketing firm today.


If we were a type of music, we would be electro-swing — a perfect mashup of old and new.


We adopted the London Road name to symbolize the deep roots and trusted methods that marketing professionals have used for years. But we partner them with modern methods.

Where We Are Today


With this vision, we’ve become the trusted marketing team for many Canadian businesses over the years (and that number is growing quickly). 


After five years as London Road Media, we changed our name to London Road Marketing to reflect the company we had become. 


We have grown into a team of 10, working out of a modern office in a downtown heritage building. And we work with clients as their do-it-all external marketing department, designed to feel as close as possible to an in-house marketing team (without the infeasible costs). 

On top of marketing services, we offer strategic advising to help businesses determine which marketing strategies will benefit them long-term. We partner with businesses and fill an executive-level role as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer to take the responsibility of marketing & advertising off the owners.

Our Story

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