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Small City Roots

When Lane Anderson started this company from the laundry room of his home in 2016, he was managing an affiliate marketing website called PokerNews Canada as well as the North American social media accounts for PokerStars from one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lethbridge, Alberta: London Road.


Many of the surrounding houses date back as far as 1908, and here he was, wedged between his dryer and the door, delivering industry-leading results with emerging marketing methods for an internationally recognized, multi-billion-dollar company. 


Like the historic neighbourhood, the marketing industry has been around for a long time; many of the marketing methods that were used when the community was built 120 years ago are still beneficial today. But there’s also a flood of new tactics and technologies that have altered the industry. 


It is the blend of traditional and modern marketing methods that form the structure of our marketing firm today.


If we were a type of music, we would be electro-swing — a perfect mashup of old and new.


We adopted the London Road name to symbolize the deep roots and trusted methods that marketing professionals have used for years. But we combine them with modern methods for the best impact for Canadian small businesses.

Where We Are Today


With this vision, we’ve become the trusted marketing team for many Canadian businesses over the years (and that number is growing quickly). 


After our first five years as London Road Media, we changed our name to London Road Marketing to reflect the company we had become. Our content marketing focus had evolved to a full-service solution because small businesses made it known that was what they wanted from a marketing partner.

Our marketing team has grown into two offices, both located in southern Alberta. Our Lethbridge office works out of a modern office in the famous downtown landmark—the Canada Post building—and our Medicine Hat location is also conveniently located in historic downtown.

Our Story

May 2016

Founded by

Lane Anderson

July 2018

Incorporated as

London Road Media Inc.

October 2018

Set up office at

321A 5th St in Lethbridge

March 2020

London Road Media acquired by

The Epiphany Group

May 2021

Changed name to

London Road Marketing

January 2022

Acquired Tag Concepts

in Medicine Hat

August 2022

Bought company back from

The Epiphany Group

January 2023

Moved Lethbridge office into

historic The Post building


Onward & upward

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