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Two roofers working on a roof in Lethbridge, Alberta with green C&M Roofing shirts and hats on.

C&M Roofing Annual Marketing

Project type

Fractional CMO, Annual Marketing Plan, Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Photography, Website Design, Blog Production, CRM Setup, Marketing Automation, Conversion Tracking, Social Media Marketing


April 2023


Lethbridge, Alberta

Team members

Kari, Marketing Manager
Stephanie, Graphic Design
Alexanne, Copywriting
Lane, Digital Ad Buying, SEO, Tracking
Dan, Website Design
Danielle, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing
Zach, Photography

Project goals

1. Create a clear plan of how to market the business
2. Increase search engine ranking in Lethbridge
3. Launch the business in a second market

C&M Roofing were referred to London Road Marketing by their business coach, who believed that we would be able to deliver the full-spectrum solution the business would need to grow in the way the owners wanted.

At first, the request was to help with Google ads, which were currently managed by another company. In the process of learning more about their ads, we discovered that C&M Roofing’s marketing was not performing nearly as well as they had believed. They were shocked to learn how little traffic their website was getting, how poorly it ranked on Google, and how few leads came through their ads. This was a tough conversation, but the data showed a very clear picture, and it was their first time seeing it in plain sight.

We decided that we needed to get more strategic about what C&M Roofing wanted to accomplish, rather than just plugging in some new tactics. So we took a step back and created a strategic annual marketing plan for 2021. We were then retained as Fractional CMO to continue to make strategic marketing decisions and set direction and oversee for the year. And we also supplied execution of the tactics.

The first priority was to get more organic traffic to the website. This can take some time to build up, so in the meantime we utilized Google search ads to create a steady stream of relevant visitors. Then we added many more pages of content to the website and did some search engine optimization and wrote monthly blogs.

This resulted in a 226% increase in website sessions in 2021 compared to the previous year. And the website went from not ranking on the first 10 pages of Google at all, to having 23 different target search terms ranking, and five of those were in the first three results of page one. By the end of our second year together, website sessions increased a further 21% and 45 target search terms were ranking.

At the time of writing, we are now partway through fulfilling the third annual plan for C&M Roofing. The busier season is about to start, and we’ve helped them launch into a secondary market (Cranbrook and the Kootenays), we’ve implemented call tracking and form tracking to pinpoint the source of all leads, we manage their social media, we run ads on Google and Meta, and we consistently see 50+ requests for roofing quotes per month from our efforts.

This has been a nearly four-year relationship so far, and we expect to spend many more years together building this great business as their complete out-of-house marketing department.

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