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Marketing Audits

In-depth evaluations of existing marketing efforts by experienced marketing professionals.

A Clear Document That Removes the Mystery of Marketing

Marketing can seem complicated for many small business owners, leaving them unsure if their money is being well-spent or wasted. Find out what’s working and what isn’t with a clear, documented marketing audit.

  • Identify internal strengths and best-performing strategies

  • Pinpoint under-performing marketing activities and gaps

  • Get detailed insights on performance in specific areas

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An Outside Perspective to Guide Marketing Efforts

At some point, many small businesses find they're putting a lot of effort into marketing but not seeing the results they want. It happens. 


Well-intentioned marketing efforts can veer off-track if you're not evaluating them. When you're working in the business every day, it can be difficult to step back and consider which marketing activities are truly giving you value, and which ones should be replaced by new opportunities. 


We provide an outside perspective to give you insights on what's working and what isn't through a documented marketing audit.

What’s Included

You'll be asked to provide your existing documentation in the following areas for us to evaluate and provide insights on. Don’t worry if some of these areas are unfamiliar; we walk you through each section to explain what’s required.


Do you have documented objectives and outcomes, budget, customer personas, customer Journeys, a competitor analysis, a SWOT analysis, defined products and services, internal marketing personnel.


How well developed and defined is your brand purpose, position, and personality.


Evaluating the entire marketing picture across owned, earned, and paid tactics and assets.

Marketing Audits We’ve Developed 

How to Use a Marketing Audit

A marketing audit isn't like a report card to hide on a shelf, out of eyesight. It's not a scary thing; it celebrates areas you've done well in and opportunities for improvement.  

It's a tool to help guide your efforts going forward. From our detailed insights, you can choose which tactics to keep and which ones to replace or rework. While we offer a full range of marketing services, there’s no pressure to hire us to fulfill any improvements recommended in your report. 

Creating Your Marketing Audit

Most small businesses don’t know where to start when auditing their marketing activities. We have a clear, step-by-step framework to follow. Let us take the lead through our guided process!


We will explain what to expect and what we’ll need from you, walking you through each item we're requesting to make sure requirements are clear. We'll also request access to relevant accounts so we can evaluate specific metrics (for measurables like digital advertising or your website). 


Our Marketing Specialists use their expertise to evaluate the quality of your assets and tactics and how they are performing using appropriate metrics. They provide commentary and recommendations on what is working well and what can be improved or replaced. 


In our final meeting, we present your marketing audit to you in-person to give additional details and answer any questions rewarding terminology, explanations, and industry insights.

Sound Like Something Your Business Could Use?

Let us know and we’ll book a discovery call to clarify all the details so you can make an informed decision. 

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