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Facebook Has Targeting Specific for Your Business

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

If you’re not already, I recommend becoming familiar with Facebook’s targeting options that are specific to your business.

I was speaking with someone last week whose customers are mostly brides-to-be. We did a quick walk-through of how to create a Facebook and Instagram ad. I showed her how you can use demographic targeting to target people who’ve gotten engaged within the last three months.

Imagine how powerful that would be.

screenshot of facebook ads manager selecting demographic targeting for people who've recently gotten engaged

Facebook offers some powerful demographic targeting options.

If you had a cake company and you wanted to sell more wedding cakes, you could make an ad that says, “Congratulations on your engagement,” and it would only be shown to people who’d just gotten engaged. You could say, “Come in for a free cupcake,” to get them in the door and start earning that customer.

That’s targeting that is really specific to that industry. But what about others?

Find the Targeting Options Relevant to You

We’ve run ads for our social media marketing seminars that were targeted to people who are admins of Facebook pages.

If you’re in the baby business, whether it’s sleep training or parent coaching or retail, you can target people who’ve had a baby within the past year.

Or if you’re a gym, you could run ads targeted to people who’ve just moved to your city within the last six months to welcome them to the city and become the gym that they first join and become loyal to.

And if you own a restaurant that is a destination for special occasions, you could target ads to people who have an upcoming birthday or anniversary.

So I suggest digging in and finding out what targeting there is available that’s specifically relevant to your industry. Just go to Ads Manager (you’ll need to be using Facebook Business Manager) and start creating an ad. When you get to the part where you create your audience, go to ‘Browse’ under ‘Detailed Targeting’. Then select ‘Demographics’ and see what is available.

screenshot of facebook business manager login screen

If you’re not using Facebook Business Manager, you’re missing out on Facebook’s full potential.

Can You Afford to Buy Untargeted Advertising?

The folks selling traditional media will tell you that you’re narrowing your reach too much. They will argue that radio or print or display or TV ads will reach far more people, and they’re right.

If you have a large enterprise and you need multiple brand touches across several platforms and need to penetrate as much of the market as possible, you can benefit from utilizing several different types of media.

But for a small business that sells to local customers, which likely has a monthly advertising budget of $500 or even less, you don’t have enough budget to utilize the breadth that traditional media offers.

If you use $500 with traditional media, you will make a small impact on a really broad audience. If you use smart digital targeting, you can use $500 to get a strong impact with a well-targeted, relevant audience.

Small business owners, especially, need to make every advertising dollar count toward someone who is valuable to their business.

Get to know if there’s a Facebook targeting option that seems tailor-made for your business. There probably is.

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