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Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence Social Media Samples

Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence

Project type

Social Media Management


January 2023 - Ongoing


Medicine Hat, Alberta

Team members

Danielle, Junior Marketing Manager & Social Media Specialist
Kari, Senior Marketing Manager

Project goals

1. Continue (for Derek) and start (for Graham) to build brand awareness through unique and approachable social media content.
2. Create engagement and foster relationships through social media platforms.
3. Highlight their individual personalities and have a presence on social media that other mortgage industry experts don’t.

Derek and Graham, the co-owners of Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence in Lethbridge, reconnected with London Road Marketing’s Lethbridge branch in the fall of 2022. They wanted to create memorable, unique and personable organic social media content, and since our Lethbridge team previously worked with Derek, he figured we were the best partner to help bring their objectives to life.

Our Senior Marketing Manager, Kari, brought Danielle, our Junior Marketing Manager and Social Media Specialist, into the conversation to collaborate on the best social media strategy for these mortgage experts. They determined focusing on the clients’ personalities and humour would yield more engagement and conversations, and stand out from the rest of the industry, which is ultimately what the client wanted to achieve.

To get the ball rolling, we created a shot list of images to gather with the clients that would map out 3 months' worth of specific social media post ideas. The assets captured the hilarious personalities of both Derek and Graham, and the written content followed suit with a splash of thought-leadership content here and there. The goal of the content was to focus on a “know you, like you, trust you” approach, which is often forgotten about with personal branding social media.

We scheduled the posts and monitored the insights closely to begin to identify patterns or themes and how they related to the different platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn) as well as the content itself. We utilized this data to help guide the content for the next 3 months, while still experimenting and working with the client to come up with new ideas aligned with the overall objective of engagement and connection.

In April of 2023, Derek and Graham were awarded the Marketing Campaign of The Year Award for their organic social media content at the Dominion Lending Centres Team Blue Spirit Awards. We are beyond proud to have helped our client achieve such a large acknowledgement within their corporation. This stems from a trusting relationship between us and our client and we are looking forward to continuing our work together!

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