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City of Medicine Hat Together Again Event

Project type

Logo Design, Campaign Strategy, Digital Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Print Design, Social Media Marketing


September 2022


Medicine Hat, Alberta

Team members

Deanna, Marketing Manager
Danielle, Project Management, Social Media Marketing
Ali, Graphic Design
Alexanne, Copywriting
Lane, Digital Ad Buying

Project goals

1. Create a brand that resonates with the community
2. Create a strategic marketing campaign to promote the event
3. Execute the marketing strategy for the event
4. Engage the community through digital ads to collect stories

The Community Development department of the City of Medicine Hat started working with London Road Marketing's Medicine Hat branch in 2022. Aaron Nelson, the Manager of Cultural Experiences & Events, reached out to our Marketing Director Deanna in early August regarding an exciting project coming down the pipeline fast! He hoped that the London Road Marketing team could accomplish an aggressive timeline for a significant community event that was to happen in September. This meant we required strong project management, which our Junior Marketing Manager, Danielle, excels at.

The city was successful with a grant application to put on a significant community event that would benefit everyone in the city (and the surrounding area). The name for the event was already established as Together Again, and our team could build out all promotional elements for the event. Because this event was meant to attract all ages and it offered something for everyone, we felt that there was going to be a really sweet vibe, and we chose to move forward with the tagline, “A vibe worth celebrating.”

It was essential to create a brand that incorporated a fun, fresh design that would resonate with all ages, especially those 13-60. The bands coming to perform and the long community dinner table extending down Finlay Bridge would attract that demographic. Our Medicine Hat team chose a fun and vibrant colour palette and designed a logo that utilized the Finlay Bridge as inspiration for one of the A’s in the word “again.” Our designer worked to “connect” all the letters to reflect the connection the event was intended to create inside the community.

Our team designed various elements for the campaign to promote the event three weeks before the event (did we mention this was a fast turnaround?). We utilized digital billboards throughout the city, direct mail drops to businesses downtown, and coroplast yard signs strategically placed throughout Medicine Hat’s high-traffic areas. We also created digital ads for Facebook & Instagram that would help highlight the four bands performing on First Street downtown. We used strategic targeting methods to place the digital ads in front of those likely to attend. Finally, we managed all aspects of the social media profiles to build excitement and engagement.

It is always a special experience to see our brands come to life, but this one had an extra element of magic. To sit back and watch thousands of people enjoy the opportunity to be together again and see the signage we designed to be the backdrop for so many photos was extraordinary.

The Together Again event turned out thousands of people throughout the day, and unbelievable reviews were given to the City of Medicine Hat for their outstanding efforts in hosting such an event. The Manager of Cultural Experiences and Events shared how he was filled with gratitude to be able to work with such a talented and motivated team. It is testimonials like this that make the fast turnarounds and long days all worthwhile.

Our team appreciates and strives for the opportunity to connect to our community in such a significant way. We are here to support our clients and help them achieve the outcomes they set out for themselves. Building a strategic marketing plan for a massive community event in a short timeframe showed our ability to be creative and resourceful. It also allowed us to showcase to the City of Medicine Hat how results-driven we are in the projects we take on, and the attendee numbers helped the organization committee surpass their goals and achieve great results!

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