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Bratt Pak Anniversary Campaign

Project type

Campaign Strategy, Digital Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Print Design


February 2023


Medicine Hat, Alberta

Team members

Deanna, Marketing Manager
Ali, Graphic Design
Alexanne, Copywriting
Lane, Digital Ad Buying

Project goals

1. Celebrate Bratt Pak's 30th anniversary
2. Increase market share in Medicine Hat by increasing bookings
3. Highlight stylists at Bratt Pak to help build their brand

Bratt Pak Hair & Body Business started working with London Road Marketing's Medicine Hat branch in 2019. The partners at Bratt Pak were celebrating a significant milestone in 2020, their 30th anniversary! They came to the Medicine Hat office to have our Marketing Director consult on a marketing strategy to commemorate the occasion and increase market share.

"The Bratts" had a professional logo for us to work with, but nothing was built beyond that. The Medicine Hat team thought it was the perfect time to design an entire campaign to highlight the Bratts (both their team and their clients) and to pay tribute to when the salon first opened by giving the campaign a 90s design spin.

The "Be a Bratt" campaign was designed to help the community recognize Bratt Pak's connection with their clientele and for their clientele to represent the connection to the salon and their stylist. The timing couldn't have been more perfect; just when we were about to celebrate the 30th anniversary of when the hair salon started, bright neon colours and fun patterns from the 90s began trending.

The first stage of the "Be a Bratt" anniversary campaign was to design social media cover photos, business cards, window signage, and billboards that showcased pictures of clients. We ensured we had a plethora of clients to highlight the variety of clientele Bratt Pak serves, ranging from young ones to those who have supported them for 30 years. Bratt Pak is very proud of the generations of support they have as clientele where grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter all go to Bratt Pak and have for many years. We then had the opportunity to expand the campaign by building them a new website as well as designing bus signage, advent calendars for Christmas, and mirror decals aimed at increasing their Google reviews.

After one year of the anniversary campaign launching, Bratt Pak hit a sales milestone goal they had never hit before, which happened during COVID! We were so excited for their team, and it meant the Bratt Pak partners were ready to take the campaign to the next level.

Our team started to strategize ways we could assist from a digital ads perspective. In 2022 we launched Google search ads and Meta ads for the Bratt Pak team. The Meta ads utilized professional photos that Delmar Photography took for the Bratts. For these digital ads, we wanted to showcase the Bratts that sit in the chair and the Bratt team standing behind the chair, making the magic happen for her clientele.

A London Road copywriter worked on content for the ads that connected to the visual campaign and the clientele we wanted to attract to the hair salon. Our digital ads specialist monitored the ads (and continues to watch them) to ensure that we maximize the ad spend value and stay in front of the audience we want to engage in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area. At the end of 2022, our team was thrilled to hear that the Bratt Pak team hit another milestone which they attributed to their phone line ringing more than it ever had and bookings staying steady.

Having a client like Bratt Pak, who is open to new ideas, is ideal for our team. We are here to support small businesses and guide them in ways to help them achieve their goals. Building a creative anniversary campaign and delivering it in the marketplace in a way that heightened brand awareness was the first step in increasing market share, and identifying new ways to engage a younger audience through digital was the second step. Our team will continue to monitor the success of what we do for the Bratt Pak team and identify new opportunities as they present themselves to ensure Bratt Pak Hair & Body Business always stays one step ahead!

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